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To help people find work.

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To be genuine and true to our cause.


To thrive in a meaningful and balanced environment.


To do what you love.


To take risks and embrace every moment of it.


To connect people with the best opportunities to foster greatness.


To be there for all those we love.


Everyone deserves the opportunity to be our best selves.


We are stronger together!



Oncology & Hematology Angels Physicians Fund. Harvard Medical School. McKinsey.

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University of Illinois, Urbana Champagne. MIT. IBM. Salesforce

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Stripe. Google. UC Berkeley.

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It was a fall evening past 5pm. I had just finished teaching in an after school program at a public school just 10 miles from where I live in Silicon Valley. For the last 2 decades, I had been teaching children mathematics as a volunteer for a few hours a week hoping to excite them about many topics in mathematics not introduced to them in school. This was my humble value addition in their educational pursuit.

                 When I walked into the Multipurpose Room to speak with one of the school administrators, I noticed a motley group of about 150 students standing in a somber queue.These children were standing patiently with eager eyes as they were to receive their after school snack. I observed that each of them were handed a small carton of milk and a bag of crackers.The administrator mentioned to me that for a third of the children, this was the meal of the day or rather their dinner. I felt a lump in my throat at the thought of how helpless these children were.This incidence opened my eyes to the frugal daily existence of some of the children.


Over the course of a few weeks, I met and spoke with many parents of these children. My conversations with these parents were eye opening. To learn more, I started my research and interviewed hundreds of people from meetups to people in career fairs and many other places. 


I learned that the people needed a way to find long term and short term opportunities for work and learning. They needed something curated for them. They did not have the ability to build fancy resumes. They did not have the time to sift through job listing sites. They needed to stop paying commissions to agencies on an hourly basis of work they did. 


I followed up speaking with many HR leaders and learned that their processes were time consuming, expensive and fragmented. Transparency was missing for anyone involved. I needed to set the ball rolling, to uncork the bottleneck, someone needed to connect the dots together. 


I came up with an approach to address these problems. This was the beginning of blinkpad. 


Priti Dugar


We are honored to have been recognized by some of the top organizations in
business and technology.

  • Tie50

    A 2019 TiE50 Winner in the prestigious awards program during TiEcon at Santa Clara Convention Center. This awards competition is a program of TiEcon, the world’s largest conference for tech entrepreneurs. This awards program is keenly contested by thousands of early to mid-stage startups of all sizes representing a wide range of verticals.

  • Google for Startups

    Thank you Google for offering us a surge level access of $100K and support us to build something better in our world. Google Cloud for Startups empowers startups to grow with the same tools and infrastructure as used by Google. We have also become a Google partner member to grow with Google’s supported resources.

  • NASDAQ Milestone Makers

    Selected to the prestigious program offered by NASDAQ Entrepreneurial Center in San Francisco, CA. A small cohort of 15 entrepreneurs are selected from a worldwide pool of applicants to receive individualized business mentoring, coaching, training and access to center resources.


This is an entirely new award winning platform for professional and personal growth. People can build a profile to highlight their skills and diverse talents and find opportunities to match these skills and talents with businesses. This is a tool for EVERYONE not just professionals in high-end careers. It is a very interesting concept and a helpful tool for job search for entry or mid-level careers or talent development.


Connie Webb

Thank you so much for introducing me to blinkpad, a platform I cannot stop telling my coworkers about! I am so excited about the work you are doing and eager to see you grow and serve job seekers in real-time with ease and flexibility.


Blinkpad offers businesses a new way of finding talent by making the recruiting experience more personal than any other platform. Creating a business profile was easy and fun! My favorite thing about Blinkpad is that it provides the applicant the ability to build their profile to include not only their work experience, but also their life experience. The employer gets a sense of the whole person, not just their credentials and work history.

Somer Aitchison